Robert Griffin III Scrambles For His Longest Run In Eight Years

That. Was. AWESOME. Vintage RGIII!! Reigning MVP Lamar Jackson is out due to COVID, so… who’s up? Why, old man Griffin. Guy hobbled down from his log cabin in the foothills of the Andes, strapped on his helmet, and currently has the Ravens only five points behind the undefeated Steelers at halftime. Not too shabby!!

For those of you too young to remember, RGIII was absolutely ELECTRIC in his rookie year:

Then the knee injuries, the concussions, more injuries… and now, whenever you look back at his old highlights, he’s the walking embodiment of “what could have been.” Everyone feels for this guy. Which is why it’s awesome to see him breaking off shades of his former self, even if just for a day.

We all love a comeback story. Derrick Rose’s 50-point game last year? Tears in his eyes, I guess. Cinderella boy.

Time to tune in to the second half of this (checks calendar) Wednesday afternoon football game…