Jets Coach Robert Saleh Stuns The NFL World With His Bulging Biceps

New York Jets coach Robert Saleh

Getty Image / Megan Briggs

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh is in peak physical condition for a 44-year-old and he has the bulging biceps to prove it.

As a head coach in the NFL, there is often peer pressure to stay in perfect shape so the athletes don’t judge the coach for ‘giving up’ on themselves, as most coaches were also former athletes themselves.

Staying YOKED is a show of unity with the athletes and Jets HC Robert Saleh gets that, or at least it seems he does.

The Jets tweeted three photos of Coach Saleh on the golf course. Golf isn’t a sport that requires rippling muscles to compete, just look at John Daly. But it was Robert Saleh’s massive muscles that stole the show and the NFL world was quick to respond.

RG3 was one of the first from the NFL world to respond about Saleh’s massive biceps:

Nobody is saying that Coach Saleh isn’t staying jacked naturally. Some people are dancing around it, though…

The NFL would be wise to pay him for this content. People would love to see it.

Again, people are making jokes about unnatural ways to get jacked… Not me, but people are.

Golf is about speed, not force. But Saley probably still hits the ball a mile compared to the other NFL coaches.

Over on Instagram, the comments are just as good:

Jets fans wrote:

“Mr.Clean really cleaned up at the gym if you know what I mean.”

“Is that The Rock?”

“Thought NJ was cracking down on gun control!!”

“Went for a golf game but the course was canceled for a gun show.”

CJ Mosley commented “Coach trying to get in a Tyler Perry film!”

Suffice it to say that everyone who has laid eyes on Robert Saleh’s biceps in these pics has been impressed.

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