Rocco Mediate’s Overly Candid Critisim Of Tiger Woods’ Golf Swing Made Gary McCord Extremely Uncomfortable

by 4 years ago

Golf Channel

Rocco Mediate and Gary McCord were both guests on a live airing of Feherty last night. Both men are not known to hold back, but when David Feherty asked them what they thought about Tiger Woods’ swing and his current chipping yips, Gary McCord opted to take the high road saying, “Don’t get me involved with this. I want Tiger to like me, I’m not going to analyze his golf swing.” McCord does a lot of on-course commentating, so you can’t blame him for passing.

Rocco Mediate, however, took no issue with spewing out his true feelings about Tiger’s swing and odd choice of swing coach. He was so candid that McCord appeared to be visibly uncomfortable throughout the segment and the Golf Channel even edited out the final part of the interview (for this web clip) where Rocco asks McCord “Did I go to far?” and McCord was all like, “FUCK YEAH YOU WENT TOO FAR, BRO.” (Not an actual quote.)

Mediate and Woods probably won’t be best pals who shave each other’s backs after this, but Rocco might not be wrong. Woods went from the most bulletproof golfer on the planet to a guy who’s so deep into his own head that he’s chipping like a 15-handicapper.

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