Roger Federer And Rafa Nadal Sharing Tears At Rog’s Retirement Is Sportsmanship At Its Highest Level (Video)

Roger Federer And Rafa Nadal Cry At The Lavar Cup (VIDEO)

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After announcing last week that he would be retiring from professional competitive tennis, the legendary Roger Federer played in one final official ATP event on Friday night at the Lavar Cup in England and the results were pure waterworks.

At the Lavar Cup in England, the 41-year-old Federer shared center court with his longtime rival Rafael Nadal and the moment was so emotionally overwhelming that the pair both broke down in tears.

Longtime tennis rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal both broke down into tears as Federer officially retired at the Lavar Cup

Not only are both Nadal and Federer are considered to be the two of the greatest tennis players of all time — Nadal has 22 major wins while Federer has 20 — but their careers are intertwined to an inextricable degree, as their successes and failures were largely defined by one another.

Despite their years-long professional rivalry, the pair always had the utmost respect for each other, consistently delivering wildly competitive yet inspiringly amicable clashes for the better part of two decades.

All told, throughout the course of their respective careers, the pair played each other 40 times, with Nadal leading the lifetime series 24–16 overall, with a 14–10 in finals.

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