Roger Federer Shows Off How Ridiculously Good He Is At Ping Pong While Looking Like James Bond

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Roger Federer retiring from professional tennis a few short days after Serena Williams played in her final US Open was a tough pill to swallow for Tennis fans. Losing two GOATs from the sport in such a short period of time leaves behind a vacuum of emptiness for millions of fans.

There is a silver lining, however, Federer isn’t disappearing from the public eye forever. He’s simply retiring from competitive professional tennis. Roger will still be a fixture on the tennis scene and he’ll remain one of the most famous athletes on earth.

I don’t even know why I’m typing this out but Roger Federer’s retirement also has no bearing on his talent. He’s the GOAT. But many, myself included, never considered that Roger’s Tennis skills translated to Table Tennis or Ping Pong. Here he’s dressed like James Bond in Monte Carlo putting on an absolute CLINIC at the Ping Pong table.

Roger Federer Shows Off How Insanely Good He Is At Ping Pong While Wearing A Tuxedo

Here is that same video on Instagram if you’d prefer that to Twitter:

Some of the replies to Roger’s video are spectacular, including this one:

Any other guesses on who Roger was playing against?

I’d pay BIG MONEY to see Cristiano Ronaldo play Roger Federer in Ping Pong some day. If you’ve never read up on Ronaldo’s table tennis obsession story, check that out.

Federer Recently Announced His Retirement From Professional Tennis

Here is Roger’s retirement announcement via Twitter and Instagram, so you can choose your preferred medium to watch:

And here is the same video via Instagram:

And here is a text version of that if you’d rather read it than listen:

There will never be another Roger Federer.

Sports fans have been spoiled by having Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal’s careers overlapping but there will never be another Federer. He will finish his career with 20 major titles including 8 Wimbledons, 6 Australian Opens, 5 US Opens, and 1 French Open.

He earned $130,594,33 in prize money along (3rd all time). Had 103 career titles with a 1251–275 win record (82%).

Federer won his first Wimbledon title in 2003, his first Major Title and his last Major came at the 2018 Australian Open. The tennis world just won’t be the same without him.