Roger Goodell Gets Ripped By Colin Kaepernick’s Lawyer, Says He Was ‘Roasted Appropriately On Social Media’

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Roger Goodell’s press conference at Super Bowl 53 yesterday had a lot of backlash, and rightfully so. That’s because the NFL commissioner weaved, dodged and ducked questions regarding plenty of things — between feeding us the same PR bullsh*t that he usually does — with the two topics he got drilled with the most being officiating, following the NFC Championship Game embarrassment, and Colin Kaepernick.

While Goodell talked in-depth about how the league might correct the officiating problem in the future, his responses to a bunch of the Kaepernick questions were less than inspiring. This Roger Goodell reply, specifically, is one that is causing the most outrage today, though, as he seemed to put blame on every 32 NFL team for not giving Kaepernick a look.

Per TMZ Sports:

“Our clubs are the ones that make decisions on players that they wanna have on their roster,” Goodell said.

“They make that individually. They make that in the best interests of their team.”

He added, “They all want to win … and they’re all gonna do whatever they can to win.”

When a second reporter pushed Goodell on the issue he reiterated his points.

“I think if a team decides that Colin Kaepernick or any other player can help their team win, that’s what they’ll do. They want to win and they make those decisions individually in the best interests of their club.”

Seems like Roger might be forgetting that whole collusion thing that Kaepernick has against the league, with the former Niners quarterback believing teams are conspiring against him. And, when you consider guys like Mark Sanchez played this year, Kaepernick definitely makes a fair point.

One guy who isn’t buying Roger Goodell’s bullsh*t is Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, who appeared on The Today Show and used the Sanchez example as a reason he’s not buying the commissioner’s response. Take a look below at what Kaep’s attorney had to say.

Sounds like this guy’s going for blood, even saying he thought Roger Goodell was “roasted appropriately on social media,” following the Super Bowl 53 press conference. And, although the Washington Redskins did claim to have discussed signing Kaepernick instead of Sanchez to replace injured quarterback Alex Smith, the fact of the matter is, they went with a dude most infamous with a buttfumble over simply kneeling during the national anthem.

It has to suck being Roger Goodell a lot of times. I know he gets paid a ton of money each year to basically be the biggest dictator in sports and give everyone the run around on pressing issues, but he’s, arguably, one of the most hated men in sports, and that has to take its toll when everyone just craps on you all the time.

(H/T Bleacher Report)

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