Guess Who Said ‘Things Would Have Been Much Different’ If She Was In That Elevator With Ray Rice?

Here’s the mildly annoying thing about a major news story like the Ray Rice scandal — the media has to ask every single celebrity above he status of C how he or she feels about Ray Rice, the NFL, riding in elevators and domestic abuse.

Then we end up with Mr. Belding quotes on Ray Rice like — “He would have been tossed right out of Bayside High!” and other pointless soundbites.

The typical answer from most celebs is “it was awful” because that’s the truth but men will say “you should never hit a woman” and women will answer “you should never hit a woman” and ZZZZZZZ…we get it, stop asking these questions so these people can stop answering!

One woman, however, gave her honest opinion on the Ray Rice elevator ride seen round the world. She said if she’d been in that elevator this story would have ended “much different” and she’s not lying. She’s Ronda Rousey.

The UFC champ was at the Los Angeles airport yesterday. The Ray Rice question came at her like a slight jab — “what would have happened if she was in Janay Palmer’s shoes on that fateful night in an Atlantic City casino.”

She gave the question a roundhouse to the face.

“I think that every person has the right to defend themselves. And everyone should try, regardless of the situation.”

When asked what would happen if she was in the elevator with Rice that night.

“It would have been different. It would have been much, much different.”