Rory McIlroy Hit Six Over Par After His Ball Lands In A Bunker And It’s Still Better Than I Could Have Done

Probably my worst kept secret is how abysmal I am at golf. Here’s a quick story. When I was in college, I was invited to golf with a few of the local alumni that all worked in media. Two worked at a local television station and another worked at the regional newspaper. Since I was a junior in college studying English, I knew that I needed to make as many connections as humanly possible, otherwise I’d be pushing tartar sauce at the local ‘Ted’s Fish Fry’. So I had like two weeks to learn how to golf. The problem was that I was very embarrassed about how bad I was. So went to some hole-in-the-wall indoor driving range in Albany and paid the dude who worked the front counter like $300 to let me come in half an hour after closing for the next 10 days to practice my swing and also to allow me to borrow a set of clubs for two weeks. So I did it, and felt like I still sucked. Showed up at the course on the day of the outing, teed up on Hole 1 and completely missed the ball. Not once, but twice in a row. Guy working for the newspaper looks me up and down and said “Fuck, you suck at golf, huh?” I agreed. He laughed and said, “Thank God. So do I. You can ride with me”, thus helping me land an internship that summer at his newspaper. And now here I am. You know what hasn’t changed? My golf game still sucks.

Which is why I feel for Rory McIlroy here. Dude’s ball landed in a bunker and he’s just trying dig it out. So he can’t catch a break any of the first five times he tries. It happens. I feel you Rory. We’re two peas in adjacent pods here. I’ll admit that we’re not from the same pod, but our two pods definitely share a little branch.

Skip to 5:29 to watch him struggle

[h/t TFM]