Someone Figured Out Which Schools Have The Rowdiest Football Fans

by 3 years ago

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Have you ever seen a college student covered in body paint standing shirtless in the stands on a snowy dead in December and ask yourself “How are they not cold?” Well, the answer to that question is “alcohol.” Lots and lots of alcohol.

Most of the college football stadiums in the United States don’t serve booze, so unless you feel like tucking a couple of nips into your underwear, you really only have one option: drinking as much as possible before the game to stay as drunk as possible during it. When you have tens of thousands of people doing the same thing, it’s only a matter of time until things start to get rowdy.

Science hasn’t figured out a way to measure levels of rowdiness, but thanks to KWG, we do have a way to figure out which places get the most out of hand: ejection statistics. 3,778 people were booted from college football stadiums in 2016, and while there’s way to tell how many were drunk, I’d conservatively estimate about all of them.

Here’s a list of the schools that have “asked” the most people to leave:

I’m not sure if security is stricter in South Carolina or if they really just go that hard, but it appears there are plenty of shenanigans going on in the stands in Columbia. I will say I was surprised to see Utah on the list, but I’m assuming they throw out anyone who is too heavily caffeinated. I’d also like to congratulate Flordia for finally beating Florida State in something.


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