Kansas City Royals Propose New $2 Billion Stadium Plans With 2 Locations In Mind

Kansas City Royals hat resting on bat

Getty Image / Ed Zurga

The Kansas City Royals have recently announced plans to build a new $2 billion stadium. However, it appears they have two proposals for different locations.

The organization will remain in Kansas City. But they’re still unsure about exactly where the new potential stadium will be built.

According to the team website, the Royals are planning to build the $2 billion stadium project in either East Village or North Kansas City.

If the franchise opts to build in the East Village, then the new stadium would be located in downtown Kansas City. Meanwhile North Kansas City appears to be an older district the team could help revamp.

Either way, the Royals released a video for both potential projects and it’s safe to say they both look amazing.

Here’s the proposed plans for the East Village location.

Now check out the proposed plans for the North Kansas City location.

As someone who doesn’t have any skin in the game, the Royals would have a sick home to play in no matter what they choose. Especially considering each will contain more than just the ballpark.

Both proposed stadiums are much different, and much cooler, than the original possible plan announced back in March. However, that video was released by a construction company not affiliated with the Royals.

With that said, the organization still needs to jump over a few hurdles before proceeding with this proposed project. It’ll be interesting to see which location they ultimately choose.

I don’t know about you, but I personally like the North Kansas City location a bit more than the East Village location.