Royals Reveal CGI Video Of A Possible New $2 Billion Ballpark District And Stadium

Royals stadium

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

It feels like sports teams across the country are coming up with new stadiums left and right.

The Kansas City Royals can now enter the chat, as a new ballpark district could be in the works. And it looks absolutely amazing.

According to Front Office Sports, a construction company in Kansas City aims to build a new stadium and district in the heart of downtown. The project is projected to cost $2 billion.

Here’s a CGI video showcasing the features of the Royals’ potential new home.

Mammoth Built, the Kansas City construction company that shared the video, to begin with, offers more information about the design of the potential ballpark district and stadium.

Overall, this $2 billion project looks amazing. Even so, it seems to have garnered mixed relations among Royals fans.

Some fans want to keep a few features from the original stadium.

Parking could be a real issue.

This guy absolutely loves it.

For now, this potential rendering is not confirmed. However, that could change in the coming months.

Keep an eye on the Royals, as they could be in the works of building a new home field soon.