Phillies Catcher JT Realmuto Was Just Ejected For The Dumbest Reason

Phillies catcher JT Realmuto

Getty Image / Elsa

Baseball season is nearly upon us as Spring Training is wrapping up. However, MLB umpires have hit a nerve for fans lately.

In fact, it happened again after an umpire tossed Philadelphia Phillies catcher JT Realmuto for the dumbest reason.

The Athletic shares a clip of what led to Realmuto’s ejection. He holds his glove out to grab the ball from the ump. But moves his glove away before the ball is placed in the glove.

For whatever reason, the umpire immediately ejects the Phillies catcher. Watch what happened.

Woof. In what world does that call even make sense? It’s clear as day Realmuto assumed the ball was placed in his glove. Like, how does the umpire think the Phillies catcher was being malicious?

I wish I could have heard the exchange between the ump and the manager. Just so I could hear whatever excuse that umpire was going to say.

Oh well. Hopefully, it’s not like this all season long. With the new clock rules in place, the MLB could be a bit of a mess this year.

Especially if guys are getting tossed for the dumbest reason like Realmuto. Luckily, it’s still spring training though. So, it’s not like this was a detrimental loss for the Phillies.

Regardless, it’s never a good thing to see an umpire make a call like that. Maybe that guy just needed to get an ejection out of his system before the start of the season.

Oh well. We should see Realmuto back in action soon. Just not in that game.