Russell Westbrook Shares What It Means To Join LA Ahead Of His Clippers Debut

Russell Westbrook

Getty Image / Ron Jenkins

It’s been a rocky road for Russell Westbrook these last five years. However, now it appears he’s finally with a team he respects.

During his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, it always felt like LeBron James and the team were trying to trade him away. Eventually, they did.

Even so, that led to a contract buyout with the Utah Jazz. Shortly after that, Russell Westbrook returned to LA, this time playing for the Los Angeles Clippers.

He’s set to make his debut with the team on Friday against the Sacramento Kings. A matchup many are anticipating seeing. Mainly because they want to see how Russell Westbrook meshes with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

At the very least, it sure sounds like Westbrook is happy to be playing with the Clippers. Due to this fact, he feels the support reciprocated by the organization, per Covers.

Hey, maybe Russell Westbrook is genuinely happy with playing for the Clippers. He was all smiles when he showed up to practice as well.

Even so, many are unsure about how it will all play out. If anything, acquiring Russell Westbrook this late in the season is a huge gamble.

Regardless, Westbrook seems genuinely happy. And who knows? Maybe he is the missing piece the Clippers needed to truly compete in a loaded Western Conference.