Russell Wilson Beams With Pride When His Stepson Hits First Home Run

Russell Wilson, Ciara, and son Future

Getty Image / AAron Ontiveroz / MediaNews Group

Russell Wilson and Ciara were beaming with pride after Future, Russell’s stepson and Ciara’s son from her marriage with rapper Future, hit his first home run.

The Denver Broncos quarterback was tossing batting practice to his stepson, Future, when the 9-year-old smashed his first-ever home run over the fence.

Ciara was filming when Future bashed one through the outfield and Russ immediately threw his hands up during the ‘Proud dad moment.’ Future had been taking batting practice for two long hours after his team finished its game and he stuck around to put in the hard work.

Russell Wilson wrote in the caption “His first Home Run way over the fence! 2 hours post game..Future taking ground balls, pop flies & extra swings. Right before Sun down. Anything worth having we all have to work for!!! Proud dad moment.”

Ciara commented “So proud!! This moment was so worth the wait!!”

Others commented:

“That’s what a real dad does!”

“What an affirming environment!!! A blessing to see.”

“So fun to see you be a great dad Russ.”

“I don’t know where you guys find the time but this is parenting.”

I can tell you why this moment seems to have resonated so much with me but I doubt many of you will care. I went to my son’s first t-ball game this past Saturday and got to witness firsthand how empowering it is for a young kid’s confidence when they crack a ball past the infielders.

My (4yo) son is small for his age. And he batted last during his team’s second time up. He picked up the heaviest bat on the ground and every adult tried to stop him. He brushed them aside since nobody was willing to argue with a 4-year-old and then crushed the ball past the other team in the infield.

My dude then trotted around all 4 bases like a proper home run (since he was last up) and he’s talked about it every hour on the hour since. It was a proud dad moment and compared to Future’s over-the-fence home run it was just a dribbler. I can’t imagine the thrill of seeing your (step)son launch a bomb like that.

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