Russell Wilson Involved In Scary Accident After Denver Broncos QB Flips Golf Cart

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Russell Wilson‘s first season with the Denver Broncos was nothing shy of an abject disaster.

Wilson joined the Broncos after a traded with the Seattle Seahawks and soon after inked a massive contract extension.

It didn’t take long for the buyer’s remorse to set in, however.

Wilson had by far the worst season of his 11-year NFL career. The nine-time Pro Bowler completed just 60.5 percent of his passes, a career low, for 3,524 yards, 16 touchdowns (another career low) and 11 interceptions.

Denver went just 4-11 in his 15 starts on the season and it culminated in the firing of head coach Nathaniel Hackett.

That led to the Broncos making a splash hire of Sean Payton. The hope is that Payton can help revive Wilson’s Hall of Fame worthy career.

The quest to do began quietly enough, as Wilson stayed out of the spotlight beyond having arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in late March.

That all changed over the weekend, however, when reported that Wilson was involved in a scary golf cart accident.

Wilson reportedly flipped his golf cart into a bunker at Arrowhead Golf Course outside of Denver. The quarterback reportedly escaped unscathed, but the incident could have been far, far worse. Especially as Wilson just had surgery about a month ago.

As offseason activities goes, golfing should be considered on the safer side of things. But that apparently wasn’t the case for the Broncos signal caller.

Naturally, Twitter users jumped all over the jokes shortly after news of the incident.

@DLinn365 is out here asking the big questions.

“I wonder if a players awareness rating in madden has been downgraded for an off-season event. How do you crash a cart into a bunker 😂,” he said.

Maybe it’s time for Wilson to try chess or backgammon, because golf is clearly not working out for him.