Russian Guy Has 24-Inch Biceps After Injecting Himself With Synthol And Now Looks Like A Goofy Popeye

by 3 years ago
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A 21-year-old Russian man by the name of Kirill Tereshin has found fame on the Internet for his 21-inch biceps. He’s racked up over 40,000 Instagram followers with people marveling (and laughing) at his 21-inch biceps and massive triceps.

Kirill isn’t a bodybuilder. He didn’t get arms the size of Popeye by hitting the gym several times a day for years on end. Kirill’s biceps and triceps are massive because he injected them with a site enhancement oil known by most as Synthol.

How safe is this? Not at all. It sounds like Kirill was on the brink of death while injecting himself. He said that he needed to inject multiple liters of Synthol into his arms in order to grow them to that size (250ml doesn’t even grow an inch). Also, each time he’d inject himself with the Synthol he’d give himself a crippling fever.

This man is the living embodiment of the ‘never skip leg day’ mantra. Just look at this jabroni:

LOOK AT THIS HEAD IN RELATION TO HIS ARMS. How does he think this is a good look?!

Gains aren’t bought, they’re earned. If you want to look like a champion bodybuilder then you’re going to need to lift like one. Putting in thousands of hours at the gym following perfectly executed lifting plans isn’t even enough, you’ll also have to eat meals on an unbelievably regimented plan. There are no cutting corners. As you can see here, if you inject yourself with Synthol it is painfully obvious and people will laugh at you.

As noted in the Daily Mail, injecting Synthol into your arms doesn’t do a ding dangity dong thing for your strength. All it does is add fluid mass. And if that mass isn’t at least somewhat congruous with the rest of your body you’ll end up looking like a fool.

For more on this story, you can head over to The Daily Mail and/or check out Kirill’s Instagram page.

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