Saints Fan Goes Ballistic After Minnesota’s Miracle Win, Punches And Throws TV Off A Balcony

Down by one point, Minnesota quarterback connected with Stefon Diggs on third-and-10 with 10 seconds in the NFC Championship Game against the New Orleans Saints. The play, which is called “Seven Heaven,” is now known as the “Minnesota Miracle” after Diggs ran for a magical 61-yard touchdown to give the Vikings an improbable last-second playoff victory that ESPN estimated Minnesota had a 2.6 percent chance to win. Vikings fans were out-of-their-minds-ecstatic after the incredible walk-off win. Saints fans, not so much.

One diehard Saints fan was so triggered by his team’s deflating loss that he threw his TV off a balcony. Trowing your television off a balcony will totally change the fact that Saints safety Marcus Williams missed the game-changing tackle and allowed Diggs to scamper into the end zone.

Hope no one was taking an evening stroll below that balcony at that moment. Imagine the thrown television killed someone on the ground and not only would this Saints fan would have had to endure the gut-wrenching loss, but he would have had to endure the gut-wrenching loss from a jail cell after being charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Before the Saints fan tossed his TV, he punched it and cut his hand pretty bad judging by the amount of blood spilling all over the place. Who dat.

ProTip: If you’re so overwhelmed with anger, punch your couch or throw a pillow at the wall. On the bright side, he gets to buy a new TV.