Saints Safety Could Face Suspension With 2021 DUI Case Finally Resolved

New Orleans Saints helmets

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

Back in 2021, New Orleans Saints safety Marcus Maye was charged with a DUI. He’s been involved in that case ever since and today, it finally ends.

However, now that his case is resolved, the NFL slap him with a suspension.

According to ESPN’s Katherine Terrell, Maye “was given six months’ probation after accepting a plea deal for a 2021 driving under the influence charge.”

But that’s not all. Terrell reports that “Maye will also have his driver’s license suspended six months as a result of the deal, with both penalties to conclude Feb. 21, 2024. Maye was also given 50 community service hours with the open to buy them out.”

The original charges the Saints safety was given were “DUI/damage to property and person and leaving the scene of the crash,” per ESPN.

With that said, it’s unclear what the Saints plan to do with Marcus Maye, but several writers for the team suggest he could be facing a suspension from the league now that this DUI case is solved.

John Hendrix indicates that players in the NFL are typically given a three-game suspension for similar occurrences.

Meanwhile, Mike Triplett doesn’t provide a guess as to how many games Maye might be suspended for. However, he does make it clear that the league can now make a decision on the veteran safety.

So, we’ll wait and see if the Saints’ safety is slapped with a suspension for his DUI incident or not. Regardless, Maye and his legal team seem excited about the current outcome.

Eric Schwartzreich, Marcus Maye’s attorney, stated “Mr. Maye’s legal saga has come to a conclusion today and he looks forward to focusing on football.”

Luckily for him, the regular season is just a few weeks away. The Saints open up Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans on September 10.