The Internet Roasts The Jets After Sam Darnold Throws A Pick-Six In His Very First Play In The NFL

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Before Sam Darnold’s first NFL game Jets veterans knew that they were going to be ups and downs for the rookie QB.

Via NY Daily News

“There’s going to be ups and downs with him,” veteran wide receiver Jermaine Kearse told the News. “He’s going to go through learning curves like we all do. Everybody goes through it. Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but this is football. Things happen. When we’re hitting a little adversity, the support system around him will be critical. Just let him know we’re with him. But the biggest thing we can do is do our job and not try to focus on what he’s doing or what he’s not doing.”

Darnold faced a bit of adversity in his first game when he threw a pick-six in his first throw in the NFL.

Of course the Internet had jokes.