San Diego State’s Big Decision Fuels Pac-12 Rumors

San Diego State football helmet

Getty Image / Tom Hauck

College sports are all over the place thanks to the NIL deals and conference realignments.

The Pac-12 has been searching for potential suitors to replace UCLA and USC all while trying to strike a media deal as well.

So far no luck. However, one potential program that could be on the move now is San Diego State.

According to The Athletic, San Diego State “informed the Mountain West in a letter Tuesday it intends to resign from the conference.”

Chris Vannini also claims that SDSU’s letter is “not an official notice of leaving.” He also added, “we just want to talk about the exit fee.”

In regards to the exit fee, The Athletic claims, that San Diego State is asking for an extension for the smaller fee. However, it’s unclear why the Mountain West would accommodate that request. Here’s more information on the situation.

“With a fast-approaching June 30 deadline to give notice in time for a 2024 departure, the school has requested a one-month extension before giving official notice. After June 30, its exit fee to leave in 2024 would double from around $17 million to around $34 million.”

With that said, SDSU technically is still part of the Mountain West Conference. But based on this news, a departure could be happening sooner, rather than later.

The Aztecs have been rumored to be a possible school for the Pac-12 t absorb into their conference. That rumor is alive and well after this situation came to light.

Look for more information on this situation, as we could see San Diego State finally make the jump into a Power 5 conference.