Scott Hall Remembers A Classic Curt Hennig Prank Involving Combination Locks And It’s Cruel As Hell

In a business full of people constantly pulling ribs, Curt Hennig is known to be one of the most prolific practical jokers in wrestling history.

Hennig and Hall knew one another prior to breaking into the wrestling business and formed a successful tag team in the AWA. Hall was a guest on Pandemonium to pay tribute to his friend. This past February marked thirteen years since Hennig’s passing at 45 years old.

Hall discussed the influence the two had on one another both inside and outside the ring and there time together in the AWA, WWE and WCW. “The Bad Guy” also talked about their friendship outside the business and some of the classic moments the pair shared. The conversation turned to Hennig’s ribbing legacy and Hall shared a few of his favorite Mr. Perfect pranks, including one involving combination locks.

“Curt was the world-class ribber. When we first crossed paths in Minneapolis during the weekdays, we’d wrestle at little high schools. So we’d change in the locker rooms and Curt would walk around and pull on all the combination locks until he found one that wasn’t locked all the way. He’d have about three or four locks in his bag and he would take two guys’ wrestling bags and suitcases and lock the handles together and call them ‘buddy bags.’ He did this, particularly to two guys who don’t like each other so they’re forced for the rest of the loop to walk through the airport together with ‘buddy bags.’ He would put it on the hood ornament of your car and call it the ‘Teakettle Effect.’ While you’re driving down the road, it’d rock back and forth against your paintjob. He’d take a padlock and put it through the button-hole of your brand new designer shirt or on the little loop of your cowboy boots where you pull them up, you know. He’d put it through the belt loop of your new designer jeans so you’d have to cut the loop. He was funny like that. He would always look for the opportunity to have a laugh.”

While that’s hilarious, I’m afraid nothing will beat the “poop in a bucket” story with the Ultimate Warrior that many claim Hennig was behind.

[via Wrestling Inc]

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