Scott Van Pelt Totally Owned Super Douche Jay Mariotti On Twitter After He Criticized His Work

by 4 years ago

Getty/CBS SF Bay Area

Today must be the day for Twitter beefs. First, we had Patton Oswalt laying the wood to Pharma Douche Martin Shkreli and now we’ve got one in the world of sports media.

For some reason, early this morning former ESPN “personality” Jay Mariotti decided to take a shot at one of our favorite bros at ESPN, Scott Van Pelt.

No idea why he would foolish enough to do such a thing other than that he pretty much acts like a dick ever since I first had to deal with him when he was in Chicago.

Apparently Mariotti had no idea what he was getting into, because as anyone who follows Van Pelt knows that he will smack you down when you’re getting out of line and that’s exactly what happened.

You, Mr. Mariotti, have officially been faced. Now go crawl back into whatever hole you came out of and try again with someone who isn’t your intellectual superior next time.

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