Seahawks Geno Smith Reveals He Texted Pete Carroll To Pick Jaxon Smith Njigba Well Before The Draft

Jaxon Smith Njigba

David Eulitt/Getty Image

Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith revealed an interesting behind-the-scenes nugget that sheds light on the team’s decision-making process leading up to the 2023 NFL Draft.

According to Smith, he took the initiative to reach out to head coach Pete Carroll via text message prior to the draft, advocating for the selection of standout wide receiver Jaxon Smith Njigba.

Smith’s insights into the potential of Jaxon Smith Njigba proved to be remarkably accurate, as the Seahawks did, in fact, heed his suggestion and drafted the talented receiver.

Smith Njigba, who joined the team through the draft in the 1st round, has apparently made a significant impact since day one, Geno Smith told NFL Network’s Bridget Condon.

“Jaxson, from Day 1, he’s just been so special,” Geno Smith remarked during the interview. The quarterback’s early observation of Smith Njigba’s exceptional abilities now appears to be well-founded, given the young receiver’s performance during training camp and preseason practices.

Smith expressed his elation about the Seahawks’ decision to draft Smith Njigba, stating, “We ended up getting him, so I was so happy.”

This sentiment demonstrates not only Smith’s confidence in his assessment of the young player but also the camaraderie within the Seahawks’ organization, where player insights are valued and considered in the team’s decision-making process.

The quarterback highlighted the impact that Smith Njigba’s addition will have on the team’s offensive lineup.

With star receiver DK Metcalf and veteran Tyler Lockett already anchoring the wide receiver group, Smith Njigba’s arrival is anticipated to introduce a new dimension to the team’s offensive strategies.

The combination of these talented receivers could potentially make the Seahawks’ passing game even more formidable and difficult for opponents to defend against.