Sean Payton Buries Atlanta Falcons Fan Account By Mocking The Worst Moment In Falcons’ Franchise History

Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

“People don’t forget.”
-Seth, Superbad

It’s been three full years since the most embarrassing breakdown in sports history was broadcasted to 112 million people, the fifth most-watched program in television history.

Since February 5, 2017, the Democrats won back the House, scientists revealed the first-ever image of a black hole, and Carol Baskin probably committed two more murders.

Still, time cannot bury the Atlanta Falcons’ blowing a 28-3 third quarter lead, and until the franchise secures a Super Bowl title, its trolling privileges have been revoked.

So when a Falcons fan account tried to dig up one of the worst moments of Sean Payton’s professional career, he was ready.

It began with a compliment.

And devolved from there.

It took me a good 12 minutes to figure out what was going on here, but here’s a cheat sheet.


Chalk this up to a W for the city of New Orleans.

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