The Seattle Seahawks Are Apparently Not Big Fans Of Thursday Night Football

by 3 years ago

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The Seattle Seahawks walked off the field with a 22-16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night, but they lost five players to injury over the course of the game. One of those players was Richard Sherman, who is expected to miss the rest of the season with a torn Achilles.

Last year, Sherman penned a piece for The Player’s Tribune that was critical of Thursday Night Football, and after last night’s game, several members of the Seahawks also voiced their displeasure concerning the weekly ritual. Wide receiver Doug Baldwin didn’t mince words when asked about how he felt, saying:

“Thursday Night Football should be illegal. This shit should be illegal. It is not OK. It’s not OK. You can quote me on that.”

When one reporter tried to play Devil’s advocate, Baldwin quickly fired back.

Bobby Wagner was slightly less aggressive when asked about how he felt, but it’s clear he thinks the short turnaround time makes it harder to recover from previous games.

Pete Carroll was also asked about how he felt about TNF at his post-game press conference, but he declined to respond, saying, “I don’t want to have to pay money.”

The Seahawks are far from the only people to be critical of Thursday Night Football—Richie Incognito called the games “bullshit” after the Bills lost to the Jets last week. The NFL has previously said they would consider reworking the schedule or eliminating the games altogether, which would undoubtedly be a crushing disappointment for the three people in the country who care about Color Rush jerseys.

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