Bills’ Richie Incognito Rips The NFL For Stupid Thursday Night Games Following Loss

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The Buffalo Bills lost to in-division rival the New York Jets last night, 34-21. Bills fans will likely put this loss squarely on the shoulders of its overmatched offensive line, who gave up seven sacks on Tyrod Taylor—the most given up by the franchise since Week 2 of the 2015 season. But Bills’ guard Richie Incognito wishes you would deflect the L on the NFL’s Thursday night package, which forces teams to play two games in four days.

After the game, Incognito expressed his frustration with having to play on a short week:

“They suck,” Incognito said of Thursday games. “They throw a wrench in our schedule. It’s absolutely ridiculous that we have to do this. As physical as this game is, as much work and preparation that goes into this, to force us to play games on four-day weeks, it’s completely unfair and bulls—. The league makes money off it, and that’s all they care about anyway.”

The Thursday night games have historically sucked, since first established in 2012. Players view them as a money grab, which they are. The NFL fails to jazz it up with those stupid color rush jerseys. They are typically sloppy and spastic, making the perpetually boring London games look like last year’s Super Bowl.

My colleague and BroBible editor-in-chief Jason Cammerota offered a simple but coherent fix to the problem, which Roger Goodell should have thought of if he wasn’t Roger Goodell.

You don’t start the games till after bye weeks begin. Then you only have teams who just had their bye week play each other. That effectively gives them 10 days off for the bye and then 9 days off after the Thursday night game. Then you can put more teams that people actually want to fucking watch on Thursday. Hell, I bet they would be clamoring to play so they get back to back weeks of 10/9 days off between games.

This makes sense. What do you think, Rog?


Jesus. Sleep it off, bro.

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