Sha’Carri Richardson Snaps At Fan Who Got Her Name Wrong. Reveals Meaning Behind Natural Hair

Sha'Carri Richardson natural Hair
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Sha’Carri Richardson’s 2023 track and field season came to a close at the Diamond League Final in Eugene over the weekend. Although it was not her best run of the year, there was plenty of excitement surrounding her appearance.

Perhaps most importantly, she collected a paycheck for competing.

Beyond financial compensation, Richardson took the opportunity to get better. The 23-year-old American sprinter, who currently holds the title of ‘World’s Fastest Woman’ after a win at the World Athletic Championships in Budapest last month, has struggled out of the blocks.

Her start has been her kryptonite and that was the focus in Oregon.

It was also an opportunity to debut her natural hair. Richardson often wears a colorful wig during competition. She famously wore a fiery red wig during Olympic qualifiers in 2021, which returned in July— only for it to be removed prior to the race in gesture of rebirth, if you will.

When Richardson is not wearing a wig, whether red or blue, she often rocks long braids.

Sha'Carri Richardson Hair
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On Saturday, it was all natural! The reason behind her cosmetic decision was simple and corresponded to a bet with her coach.

Richardson went on to finish fourth in the 100-meter final. It was a good result, not great.

As the fans congratulated Richardson on a successful season, one of them got her first name wrong. That is something toward which she has been very vocal in the past.

I will correct my name every time. BTW I care a lot lol.

— Sha’Carri Richardson, via Instagram in April 2023

The fan called her “Sha-CAR-e.” Her name is pronounced “Sha-CARE-i.”

Richardson snapped back with a correction!

Result aside, the paycheck may have been the most important piece to the final race of the year. And when Richardson returns next season, she wants to dominate the 100 and 200.

In both events, Richardson’s biggest rivals are all Jamaican. Despite their competitiveness on the track, they have all become good friends on a personal level.