NBA Insider Shams Charania Gives Update On Ja Morant’s Status And Likely Return

Shams Charania update on Ja Morant's status

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The Memphis Grizzlies are on the verge of being remade whole again as Ja Morant is set to return after completing his 8-game suspension.

Ja Morant’s time away from the league has been anything but quiet. His name has constantly been in the news and Ja himself spoke with Jalen Rose to shed light on high-profile incidents.

NBA insider Shams Charania shared an update on Ja Morant’s status on Monday. This comes after Ja completed his 8-game suspension.

Morant would be eligible to play against the Dallas Mavericks (in Memphis) on Monday night. However, it seems likely that Ja Morant’s status will remain unchanged until later this week. Shams Charania says he’s being told Ja will return to the court on Wednesday when Memphis hosts the Rockets.

Charania said “he’s out tonight even though his 8-game suspension is over” then went on to explain why. Shams said, “he’s going to miss tonight, they’re going to ramp him up.”

This seemingly implies that Ja Morant has had a very light workload during his 8-game suspension handed down by the league.

The Memphis Grizzlies’ PR officially listed Ja Morant’s status as ‘return to competition reconditioning’ for Monday.

The specific quote from Shams Charania about Ja Morant’s status is “I’m told he could return to the lineup as soon as Wednesday.” This means it is not a lock that Ja Morant will be ready to go on Wednesday but it’s a possibility.

After speaking about Ja Morant’s status, Shams Charnia offered an update on Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves:

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