The ‘Flying Hawaiian’, Shane Victorino, Just Caught An Alaskan Salmon Big Enough To Swallow A Puppy

The Flying Hawaiian, Shane Victorino, has been crushing it up in the North Country on a family vacation to Alaska, the number one salmon fishing destination in the world during the Summer. Yesterday, Shane Victorino uploaded a photo to his Instagram showing a friggin’ MONSTER of a salmon that he’d landed, a fish so big it looks like it could feed him and his entire family for a week:

That’s some mighty fine eating he’s got there. Salmon ranked highly on my list of the 25 Best Tasting Fish in the World.

If you bros are into the Summer salmon run in Alaska I’d also HIGHLY suggest checking out the 24/7 Live Bear Cam:

Shane signed a minor league deal with the Chicago Cubs this year but that didn’t pan out and he was released back in March. After that, he signed ANOTHER minor league deal with the Cubs only to be released again in May. So it appears that Shane Victorino’s officially unoffocially retired at this point, and taking some time to go fishing with the fam.

(h/t GrindTV)

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