Shannon Sharpe And Skip Bayless Actually Agree For Once While Ripping NFL Teams Over Lamar Jackson

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless agree about Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Courtney Culbreath

The NFL world is all over the place right now after the Baltimore Ravens placed a franchise tag on Lamar Jackson.

With the front office giving him a non-exclusive tag, opposing teams can make offers on the superstar quarterback, but they’ve quickly opted out.

Well, that’s not sitting right with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, as they actually agree for once while ripping the NFL a new one over Lamar Jackson.

Usually, we see Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless at each other’s throats. But everything surrounding Lamar Jackson’s contract situation finally has them on the same side.

They each make some solid points. Especially considering Jackson is one of the league’s best quarterbacks. His recent injuries have held him back for the last two seasons. But Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless nail it on the head about the NFL.

It’s just a weird situation overall considering Jackson is probably an upgrade for 26 teams in the league. Although, there are definitely concerns when it comes to the superstar quarterback.

We still have a ways to go this offseason, so we’ll likely be hearing a lot about Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. We’re sure Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless will keep weighing in on the situation as well.

Maybe as time goes by more teams will become more open to the idea of at least taking to Jackson.

From the looks of it, he’s probably not going to get a fully guaranteed deal. However, receiving a contract similar to Josh Allen’s isn’t outside of the realm of possibilities.