Shannon Sharpe Gets Into Twitter Beef With Comedian Paul Sheer & Gets Destroyed When Sheer Brings Up Sharpe’s Ex-GF Leaving Him For MLB Player

Paul Sheer

FS1 host Shannon Sharpe made the mistake of getting into it with a professional comedian and things didn’t go too well for him.

On Saturday, Sharpe, who is a Lakers superfan, mocked Clippers fans on Twitter while responding to an angry fan.

Comedian Paul Sheer, who starred in the sitcom “The League”, tweeted at Sharpe over his comeback at the Clippers fan.

Sharpe fired back at Sheer by making fun of the gap between his two front teeth.

Sheer went on to ruthlessly remind Sharpe about the time his girlfriend left him for MLB player Marlon Byrd.

Sharpe tried to make another joke about Sheer’s tooth gap but the fight was over.

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