Shannon Sharpe Accidentally Let An F-Bomb Slip On ‘Undisputed’ And Viewers Actually Liked It

Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed

Undisputed / FS1

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe spend five days a week arguing with each other on Undisputed.

Frankly, it’s a miracle that more mistakes like this don’t happen on live TV given how infuriating Skip Bayless can be at times. I give a lot of credit to Shannon Sharpe for being able to keep his cool 99.9999% of the time on the show.

But Shannon Sharpe did misstep on Thursday’s Undisputed and let an f-bomb slip on live television. You can watch the segment on Twitter via @awfulannouncing if you want.

During an otherwise forgettable rant, Shannon Sharpe said “If I’m making fried chicken and somebody says, ‘I got some chocolate for you. What the hell? Yeah, I like chocolate but what the f*** that have to?”

He immediately realized his misstep and apologized. Skip Bayless didn’t even crack a smile. It was almost as if Skip didn’t even hear or register what Shannon Sharpe had said.

Sharpe immediately apologized before finishing his thought. He said “you got me up here cursing, Skip…. (Now) Why would I need chocolate to go with fried chicken?”

First off, why not? Chocolate and fried chicken go great with bourbon. I’m wondering why Shannon isn’t adding bourbon instead of taking away chocolate.

Nevertheless, people on Twitter saw what Shannon Sharpe said and actually loved the moment from him.

Sharpe knows that profanity bothers some people. He’s (probably) apologizing to those viewers specifically, not everybody. TV is overly sensitive like that:

It just came out so naturally, it is a surprise Shannon isn’t dropping more f-bombs on live TV.

Water-spitting funny? I don’t know about that.

This f-bomb slip comes just a day after Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe seemed to agree on something for the first time ever.

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