Shaq Celebrated His Birthday By Tying $500 To A Bunch Of Balloons And Releasing Them For Someone To Find

by 12 months ago
Shaquille O'Neal retirement ceremony

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When you consider he’s the owner of a giant treehouse with its own bar and a “tree” made of all the rims he tore off of backboards over the course of his playing career, I can only imagine trying to figure out what to get Shaquille O’ Neal for his birthday is a fairly daunting task (however, if you somehow find yourself in a situation where you have to get Shaq something, a gift certificate for a pedicure probably wouldn’t be the worst idea).

While most people expect to be showered with presents in exchange for having no real role in their birth, the NBA legend flipped the script a bit yesterday while celebrating his 46th birthday. He spent the day handing out candy bars in Atlanta before heading home to channel his inner Drake and give a gift of his very own.

In a video posted to his Instagram, Shaq tied $500 worth of bills to the string of a bunch of balloons before releasing them into the air as his birthday gift to the world.

Unless the balloons manage to find a way to make it to New York City, I don’t have any chance of getting my hands on the money, but I’d like to thank Shaq for accidentally giving me the best present I could ever ask for in the form of this anti-balloon Twitter account with thousands of followers (because it’s no longer possible to try to do something nice without someone on the internet telling you why you’re actually a bad person for doing so).

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