Watch Shaq Happily Reminisce About Choking Out A Former Teammate While Steve Nash Laughs His Ass Off

Over NBA All-Star weekend in Toronto, Shaquille O’Neal got a chance to reminisce with former Suns teammate and one of Canada’s favorite humans, Steve Nash.

Among the things they talked about, but mostly laughed about, was the time The Big Aristotle had no choice but to choke out — as Shaq said — Gordon “Gore-a-check.” Actual name: Gordan Giricek.

But anyone who expects Shaq to remember the proper names of former, insignificant teammates knows nothing about Shaq.

The idea of Steve Nash and Shaq being teammates is funny enough from a general standpoint just based on their vastly different interpretations of what’s reasonable, but picturing Nash coming out of the bathroom only to see the big fella choking someone to the floor right before they’re about to hit the court is pretty perfect.

As Nash put it, “the game starts in 25 minutes and the guy’s about to die in the locker room.”

Sidenote: Steve Nash’s drenched face either means the makeup artist completely abandoned his forehead, he was tragically hungover, or he doesn’t have a very bright future in broadcasting.