This Is The Craziest Shark Fishing Clip Ever: Shark Capsizes Boat, Fisherman Swims For His Life, Still Catches Shark

Without a doubt this is the most insane shark fishing footage I’ve ever witnessed. In this clip you see a kayak angler battling a massive shark and ultimately catching that shark, but not without overcoming some terrifying obstacles. Things start to get tense when the large shark gets just underneath the kayak, then all hell breaks loose when the shark flips the kayak over, capsizing the vessel and sending the fisherman swimming for his life towards the boat next to him that’s filming all of this footage. You’d think that after capsizing and almost rightfully getting attacked by a shark the fight would be over, but instead he drains the kayak, recovers his fishing rod with inflatable attachments to keep it on the surface, and ultimately catches that pesky shark.

I’e never seen anything like this, and I’m not trying to toot my own horn here but I’ve seen A LOT in my days. Specifically, I’ve seen a lot when it comes to both kayak fishing AND shark fishing. Growing up in Florida I feel like my weekends in elementary and middle school were spent at the beach, night fishing for sharks. In late middle school and on into high school I had a kayak, and did a serious amount of kayak fishing. One time I thought I was being attacked by a school of sharks only to find out it was two MASSIVE manta rays, with wing spans of about 8-feet, leading me to believe there were 4 sharks coming at me instead of 2 manta rays. If you spend enough time on the water you see some stuff like this. But never, and I mean NEVER have I seen something that comes close to this kayak fisherman falling in the water with a pissed off shark then somehow rebounding to catch that shark, this is shark fishing at its finest…I guess? Anyways, here are the highlights in GIF:

This video came to us by way of the Chew On This YouTube channel, be sure to click on over and subscribe for more of their awesome fishing videos!