The Memes Have Been Pouring In Since Allyson Felix Lost Out On Gold When Shaunae Miller Dove At The Finish Line

It was last night’s biggest moment in The Olympics, and if you missed it you can watch the action above on repeat. American sprinter Allyson Felix lost out on winning a gold medal in the women’s 400m and instead took home the Silver Medal after Shaunae Miller of The Bahamas dove at the finish line to rob Felix of glory. With her Silver Medal, Allyson Felix still became the most decorated female sprinter in Team USA history but it was still a very bittersweet Silver as she was SO GODDAMN CLOSE to winning Gold until Millier took the dive. The legality of Miller’s tactic has never been in question, diving across the finish line is 100% legal on the Track. Instead, people are calling out Shaunae Miller’s dive as bush league, which it is, but when they got to the podium she won gold so it’s still a very effective albeit cheap move.

Naturally, the memes started immediately pouring in and they still haven’t stopped as of this morning. It’s Shaunae Miller’s drive that’s been getting the meme treatment, not Allyson Felix’s second place, and you’ll soon see why:

And OF COURSE Darren Rovell of ESPN had to weigh in with a poll on whether or not people think Olympians should be able to cross the finish line in Track & Field with a dive, as of now there have been over 29,000 votes with 53% saying ‘NO’ and 47% saying ‘YES’, so it is a pretty even split.

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