The Shield On Cover Of Last WWE Magazine & Vince McMahon Hates People Who Sneeze — WWE Rumors & Reactions

Today in WWE rumors — The official magazine of the WWE shuts its doors, Vince McMahon is successful but hates sneezing, the four hundredth Daniel Bryan injury update for the week and the WWE is yet to address the Alberto Del Rio situation.

Before we get into the WWE rumors for today, a quick get well to WWE Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Roberts was hospitalized yesterday while on his way to a show in Las Vegas. Roberts was diagnosed with the flu over two weeks ago, and didn’t take doctor’s orders as far as rest, and ended up being rushed to the hospital with double pneumonia.

Jake is resting comfortably in ICU at a Las Vegas hospital. The guy has been through hell, and back, more times than Lucifer himself so let’s hope for a speedy recovery to a true wrestling icon.

Alright, onto the WWE rumors for today.

WWE Rumors for August 29th

WWE RUMORS: Saying goodbye to WWE magazine

Play taps for the WWE magazine —the official publication of the WWF/WWE for thirty years put out it’s last issue and will be no more. The issue will hit newsstands on September 16th. The official WWE Magazine Twitter thanked many people yesterday, including former WWE superstar Edge, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Beth Phoenix and AJ Lee. Anyone interested in picking up the final copy, or any back issues, can do so on the cheap over at

REACTION: Thirty years is a might long time, especially for a magazine usually a month behind the WWE storylines. Growing up, WWE magazine was a must purchase on my trips to the newsstand, but more for the photos than the stories. The magazine didn’t exactly dig up the dirt or expose any of the business being the official publication of the WWE but it was always good for color photos of superstars and the chance to buy WWE merch in the days before the internet. Best of luck to the WWE magazine staff and if they’ve got any old issues from the 1980s laying around, I’d be happy to take them off their hands.

WWE RUMORS: Vince McMahon’s work ethic is insane yet understandable

Business Insider published an interesting piece on the work ethic of WWE CEO Vince McMahon. McMahon’s business practices mirrors those of men just as rich and powerful — works 24/7, barely sleeps, doesn’t have any hobbies besides his job — so no real shocking facts for a majority of the piece. There was one precious little nugget that I found hilariously Mr. McMahon-esqe and something that only the head of a billion dollar company could pull off.

McMahon’s thirst for control and laser-like focus have created a somewhat comical pet peeve: sneezing.

One ex-writer tells me that employees are not allowed to sneeze when they’re in a meeting with McMahon because he sees it as a lack of self-control. And in an April interview on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, former WWE creative team member Paul Heyman says that McMahon actually gets furious with himself when he is the one sneezing.

“‘I sneezed. I should be better than that. I should be able to control that,'” Heyman recalled McMahon telling him. “‘In my world, pal, there is no sneezing.'”

REACTION: Personally, I’d love to live in the world without sneezing, because I’m tired of sending fake blessings out to people but McMahon is out of his mind. How the hell do you control a sneeze? It’s not like a yawn, where you can fight it back, mouth closed and eyes watering. It’s an uncontrollable bodily function.

Given that McMahon loves gimmicking wrestlers with odd handicaps, I’m shocked Vince hasn’t saddled a wrestler with a sneezing problem that keeps him from winning matches. The WWE has had a puker, a stutterer and a “special” wrestler so is a sneezer really out of the realm of possibility in the WWE Universe. That’s a fair warning to all the NXT guys. You might be Gads Zoontight in your first appearance on Raw.

WWE RUMORS: WWE has yet to address Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio appearance at Triplemania

Here’s what I’ve learned in my life — often times, silence is a bad thing. Take into consideration the appearances of Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio at AAA’s Triplemania event.

Del Rio appeared and cut a scathing promo about his time in Stanford and Mysterio appeared via video. Del Rio still has a 90-day no compete clause and Rey Mysterio is currently under contract so both men being on the show means WWE could have taken them to Sue City and I’m not talking about a town Iowa. Why would I ever be talking about a town in Iowa? Iowa blows.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the WWE is doing nothing — so far — about the whole incident.

“Regarding fallout of Mysterio’s taped appearance at TripleMania last week, there has been nothing, at least as of press time. Nobody from WWE had contacted Mysterio about anything since May. No phone calls, e-mails, letters (aside from his checks, which are coming regularly). Nobody asked why he did the show, threatened him for doing it, or anything. He also wasn’t asked to appear at the house show in his home city of San Diego on 8/23. WWE legal didn’t contact AAA either. We also haven’t heard of any contact with Del Rio. What’s notable is that Del Rio is booked for a show in Puerto Rico in less than 90 days, and he’s also starting to accept U.S. indie bookings even though WWE told him that he’s not allowed to do so for one year as far as the U.S. goes…. WWE has also not made any contact or threats to AAA about using Del Rio.”

REACTION: Here’s all I’ve got — WWE is either hoping the whole thing goes away and plans to use the Del Rio appearance in case he decides to sue for wrongful termination OR…here me out…OR this whole Del Rio incident is a major work and he’s on loan to AAA and will be back in a few months after both sides “reconcile.” The WWE has a long tradition of lending talent to other promotions and a Del Rio return would be big money for the WWE. I’m just putting it out there. I’m could be wrong. If I am, feel free to slap me near the catering table.

WWE RUMORS:  Another day, another Daniel Bryan injury update

A few days ago, I discussed Daniel Bryan being on the advertising for the upcoming European tour. He wouldn’t be wrestling but he’d be in attendance in some capacity. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Bryan has been pulled from all advertising and the reason might be an updated injury status from doctors. Bryan “might” have to go under the knife again.

REACTION: Enough. Seriously, these Bryan non-updates are exhausting. The guy is injured. He won’t be back any time soon. This ESPN-like ticker coverage of his every move is unnecessary. I’m shocked people aren’t camped outside his doctor’s office or paying off nurses for information. I love the guy as much as the next mark but the Daniel Bryan updates BREAKING NEWS! BRYAN JUST SNEEZED. The Wrestling Spotlight Blogspot Geocites Page is reporting the thunderous sneeze caused further damage to his shoulder, ass, beard and ability to complete Sudoku puzzles

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