The Baseball World Is Losing Its Mind After Shohei Ohtani Hit An Absolutely Towering Home Run On Saturday Night

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  • Los Angeles Angeles pitcher/outfielder Shohei Ohtani is the reigning American League MVP.
  • Ohtani is having yet another massive season in 2022 despite the Angels’ continued struggles.
  • The Japanese superstar hit a ginormous home run on Saturday night that had everyone in baseball talking.

Shohei Ohtani is ridiculous. By now, everyone seems to have figured that out.

Ohtani put the baseball world on notice last year when he put up absurd numbers both at the plate and on the mound. Now he’s back doing it again in 2022.

The Japanese import is have a better pitching season this year than he had last year, and while his hitting numbers having been as insane this time around, they’re still at an All-Star level.

Ohtani displayed just how dangerous he is at the dish Saturday night against the Seattle Mariners. In the bottom of the third inning with his team down 1-0, he did this…


The absolute tape measure shot came out for 462 feet, the second-longest of his career behind the 470-foot bomb he hit against the Royals in 2021. The gargantuan dinger came off Ohtani’s bat at 118 miles per hour, the hardest-hit ball in his career.

Baseball fans were in absolute awe of the blast, and of Ohtani in general.

Oh, and he’s recently done this as well.

The Angels lost the game to the Mariners, 5-3. Los Angeles has perhaps the two best players in baseball and continues to find ways to lose. The ongoing jokes write themselves.

Either way, we may have to find a new word to describe Ohtani because “unicorn” and “alien” no longer cut it.