Philadelphia News Station Puts Al Horford In A Body Bag As 76ers Fans Clap Back At His Family

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  • Al Horford’s time with the Philadelphia 76ers won’t be remembered fondly by he or the team’s fans
  • Horford’s family is now speaking out about his time in Philadelphia and their issues with Philly fans
  • Sixers fans, including a local news Twitter page, are clapping back at them
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Things didn’t go well for Al Horford in his time with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Horford signed a four-year, $109 million contract with the Sixers in 2019 and played just one season with the organization. The year was one of the worst of Horford’s career. He shot just 35% from 3-point range, his worst since 2015. His defensive metrics were the worst since 2013 and he and his family generally struggled to gel with Philadelphia fans.

Beyond his struggles on the court, Horford was never really endeared by the Philly faithful. A large part of that was Horford’s sister, Anna, who was very online and very combative during Al’s time with the Sixers. Now, Anna is back at it again in an article by The Athletic detailing why Horford didn’t work out in Philadelphia.

“Philly fans hated us ther…They hated us for it,” Anna said of she and her family remaining Celtics fans.

Horford’s brother Josh also got in on the action.

“We continued to root for Boston, because they’re not dickheads,” he said.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, this didn’t sit well with Sixers fans. Philly Twitter immediately responded to the Horford article. Most notably, local news station NBC10 made its feelings clear.

That opened the floodgates for the rest of Sixers Twitter.

Needless to say there’s unlikely to be a return to Philly for Horford or his family members.