Sixers Fans Blast Adam Silver And The NBA For Postponing Several Games After Forcing Team To Play With 7 Players On Saturday

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The NBA is postponing games left and right which is annoying Sixers fans who feel the league gave the team a raw deal over the weekend.

On Saturday, the NBA went out of its way to pressure the Sixers to play their game against the Nuggets despite the fact they were missing a ton of players due to Covid-19 contact tracing.

The Sixers were eventually forced to play the Nuggets with only seven players after the NBA insisted the game go forward.

The league went on to postpone the Heat-Celtics game on Sunday and two more games this week as they try to control the Covid-19 outbreak around the league.

Sixers fans went on to blast Adam Silver and the league for picking on their team instead of postponing Saturday’s game against the Nuggets.