Skip Bayless Goes Savage On Russell Westbrook Again And Escalates Their Feud

Skip Bayless Goes Savage On Russell Westbrook Again And Escalates The Feud

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The Skip Bayless vs. Russell Westbrook feud just got raised a notch. Skip’s been going after Russ for weeks, or ‘Westbrick’ as Bayless calls him.

Things got so heated last month that Russell Westbrook seemed to threaten Skip, only to see Bayless double down and attack Russ as the ‘most overpaid player’ in NBA history.

To Skip’s point, Russ has earned $288,581,670 so far in his career and the 2017 NBA MVP has zero rings to show for it. He’s a 9-time NBA All-Star with zero championships and he’s not getting any younger which seems to at least partly fuel why Skip Bayless can so easily get under Westbrook’s skin.

On Thursday’s Undisputed, Skip Bayless went after Russell Westbrook again. This time comparing Westbrook’s situation to James Harden taking a pay cut with the Philadelphia 76ers in order to chase a championship.

Skip Bayless Goes Savage On Russell Westbrook Again And Escalates The Feud

Skip Bayless: “In this case, for this player for whom I have lost much respect, not as much as I’ve lost for Russ… But huge respect I have lost for James Harden… Quitting his way out of Houston, quitting his way out of Brooklyn…”

“But the point is, James Harden did something Russ is incapable of doing: he looked in the mirror and he said ‘I don’t love what I see anymore because I’m not that guy. I’m not Houston James anymore. I’ve played 13 years, I’m looking at my hands, I got zero rings. I don’t have anything, I got no jewelry (that) matters.’ He’s got a lot of jewelry but none that counts the way you (Sharpe) have three rings that count.”

It’s amazing that Skip Bayless was able to throw such devastating strays at Russell Westbrook while doing a segment that’s both demeaning and praising James Harden. Skip goes from talking about how Harden’s basically done nothing of value in his career (as Skip sees it) to somehow praising him for taking the pay cut to help the team.

What are fans saying about Skip’s latest comments?

Is it Philly’s year???

Show me the lie:

Skip responds (again):

Russell Westbrook really gains nothing from bickering with Skip Bayless on Twitter. If he was smart, he’d just not engage with Skip. But for the sake of entertainment, I really hope he does.