‘Cleveland Stinks’ Jokes Flood The Internet After A Skunk Was Spotted In Browns Stadium

A skunk was spotted inside the Cleveland Browns stadium.

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The Cleveland Browns have run into an embarrassing string of gaffes this weekend causing social media to mock the organization online.

Ahead of the team’s matchup with the Bucs, the Browns became the butt of jokes after photos surface of a vandalized Cleveland playing field. Apparently, somebody was able to gain field access, hop on a vehicle, and burn doughnuts across the midfield logo. Unfortunately, the Browns’ in-stadium embarrassment wasn’t quite through.

During game action, a skunk was spotted in the stands leading to a barrage of jokes on social media. Videos of the stinky spectator quickly surfaced online, giving NFL fans yet another reason to poo-poo on Cleveland.

One fan wrote, “That’s not a skunk, that’s the Cleveland Browns themselves,” after seeing the clips of the unexpected visitor. Many others shared that sentiment.

This person commented, “Something stinks at a Browns game… Also, there’s a skunk in the stands.” Another posted, “I knew it wasn’t just a metaphor. The Browns actually stink.”

How this creature found its way into the seats we’re not sure, but it’s piled on to what’s been a forgettable day for the Cleveland stadium crew.

Luckily for the Browns fans in attendance, the stinge of the skunk was the only thing that stunk on Sunday. The Cleveland Browns were able to overcome a fourth-quarter deficit to beat Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in overtime.

Cleveland scored the game-tying touchdown with just 32 seconds left in regulation before going on to win on a Nick Chubb touchdown run with just 19 seconds remaining in the OT session. The win moves the Browns to 4-7 on the season and out of last place in the AFC North standings.