Internet Reacts After The Browns Field Gets Embarrassingly Vandalized

The Cleveland Browns' field was vandalized ahead of a matchup with the Bucs.

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The Cleveland Browns’ field was embarrassingly vandalized ahead of a huge AFC matchup, leading to quite the reaction on social media.

Before squaring off against Tom Brady and the Bucs, the Cleveland grounds crew had to deal with an incident at midfield. Photos of the field vandalism have begun to surface online with the Browns now becoming a target of mockery around the NFL.

Apparently, someone was able to gain field access, hop on a vehicle, and burn doughnuts around their “Brownie the Elf” logo at midfield. The joyride left tire marks across that midfield design and tracked all the way to the endzone.

NFL insider Jeff Darlington detailed the event with a post on Twitter, saying though the tire marks left quite the impression, it didn’t compromise the integrity of the playing field.

The dude who stole the truck and did donuts on the field in Cleveland left a serious mark! I’m told by the league that it is mostly “aesthetic,” and an independent field inspector has determined the field to be safe. It is not a “playability” issue, per the NFL.

Fans had quite the response to seeing the vandalism on the Browns’ field.

One fan wrote, “Shouldn’t have gotten rid of Baker [Mayfield]. He would have been home to prevent this,” in reference to the former Cleveland quarterback’s Progressive Insurance commercial series. Obviously, no one filled those shoes when Mayfield was dealt to Carolina.

Others just laughed at the Browns.

This social media user posted, “LOL Cleveland being Cleveland,” while another commented, “This is the most Cleveland thing ever.”

We’ll see if the Browns can shake the embarrassment of the vandalism with their performance on the field.