Browns Fans Lose Their Minds After Team Announces New Field Design For 2022 Season

Browns Fans Lose It After Team Announces Field Design For 2022 Season

Getty Image / Nick Cammett

A lot has been going on with the Cleveland Browns lately as the franchise faced criticism after trading for Deshaun Watson (and giving him that ridiculous contract). However, the franchise might have won over the fanbase on Tuesday after announcing major changes to the logo and field design within the stadium.

Browns Fans Are Loving The New Field Design For The 2022 Season

The Browns’ social team released a sick video to announce the new field design for the 2022 season. Fans have been clamoring for the Brownie Elf to make an appearance and he’s finally here! Cleveland will feature the elf at the 50-yard line, giving the fans exactly what they’ve been asking for.

Fans for other fanbases don’t understand it. But Cleveland is LOVING this field design. Browns fans clearly have been wanting this logo to be included with the franchise once again and they got what they were asking for.

Changing the gun to a camera totally changes this meme for the better.

Sir Yacht is loving the Browns’ decision to change the mid-field logo in the stadium.

They definitely heard you, Rod.

The Browns might make a billion dollars if they did this though.

It’s always nice to see a fanbase happy with a decision made by the franchise. This team has suffered a ton through the years and is trying its best to be a Super Bowl contender. Now, with Brownie at mid-field, Browns fans have something to cheer for throughout the 2022 season.

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