Snoop Dogg Was At Super Bowl Media Day And He Should Just Do ALL THE INTERVIEWS From Now On

Super Bowl Media Day, which despite the grand, super duper opening night thing they did on Monday, is apparently every day, because the players were once again sitting around answering questions for the media.

Now normally this would have been the usual boring run-of-the-mill nonsense, but The Rich Eisen Show came up with the genius idea of sending Snoop Dogg to ask the players some questions.

What followed was by far the best Q&A sessions that have probably ever taken place at a Super Bowl by a member of the “media.”

Not only were players, gasp, actually interested in speaking with the interviewer, his questions were actually, get this, entertaining!

The highlight of which had to be when Snoop asked Peyton Manning if he could score a lifetime discount on Papa John’s pizza for whenever he is in Colorado.

Peyton’s response? “Yes, absolutely.”

Of course, Snoop also was on hand to ask Cam Newton a question as well…

But he wasn’t through there. Aw, hell to the no. He also went around and talked to other players like Aqib Talib…

And Evan Mathis…

And DeMarcus Ware…

[protected-iframe id=”7bf6ee129498ae1c9744dc9658a4f1ef-97886205-92827192″ info=”” height=”420″ width=”640″ ]
Like I said at the top, can we just let Snoop do all the Super Bowl interviews from now on?

H/T SportsGrid