Guy Gets His Very Own Aisle At Soccer Game After Clearing Out Section With Noxious Fart

by 2 years ago

I don’t put much credence in the rhyming flatulence blaming idioms such as “Whoever smelt it dealt it,” or “Whoever denied it supplied it,” or “Whoever refuses it diffuses it,” or “Whoever’s poking fun is the smoking gun,” or “Whoever spoke the words is baking the turds.” When I am attempting to place blame for an individual who butt burped I immediately look to see who has a smile on their face and is about to erupt in laughter. The person who can’t contain their chortling is surely the guilty party who sings the sphincter song. I am a firm believer in “Whomever giggles, launches ass missiles.”

As you can see in this video above, the culpable cropduster is howling with laughter because he knows he dropped a doozy of a stink bomb that is going to make his friends nearly puke. The man’s brown thunder is so horrendous and putrid that he not only clears out his aisle, but an entire section. I may have to execute this strategy at Yankees games this year.

The video description on LiveLeak states that this video took place in Iraq or Israel, but it doesn’t really matter, because as you will find out, farts are funny anywhere on the planet. Sure he’s got his own aise, but I hope he doesn’t expect anyone to bring him back any chilli cheese fries from the concession stand.

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