British Soccer Player Released From Team After Video Surfaces Of Him Banging A Fan In The Dugout After A Game

Yesterday, Jay Hart was a semi-professional soccer player for British club Clitheroe. Today, he’s  searching for employment after he was cut from the squad after a video was released of him boning a horny fan in the team’s dugout.

The incident occurred after Clitheroe lost a 4-1 match against Mossley. Mossley had coined the match “ladies day” to show appreciation for their female fanbase. Hart really took the campaign to heart and found a willing candidate to show his appreciation in the form of a semi-public romping in the romantic setting of a soccer dugout.

While the two were slapping skins, a creepy onlooker decided to film the encounter and sharing it online like a true SNITCH. Hart’s soccer club got wind of the news and immediately released him.

According to The Mirror:

“Striker Jay Hart can be heard laughing on the mobile phone footage as he was caught still in his club T-shirt with his tracksuit bottoms around his legs.

The face of the fan cannot be seen. Within hours of the footage being circulated to team-mates and fans Hart was sacked by the club, who play in Evo-Stik Division 1 North.

Club chairwoman Anne Barker, said that Hart had brought the club into disrepute. She said “Any players, while wearing a Clitheroe tracksuit, represents the club .

‘We expect a certain level of behaviour and discipline. And that wasn’t it.’

Hart, of Accrington, Lancs, said: ‘I’m full of regret. I’d had a couple of drinks. I was away from everyone and thought I was hidden.'”

But his club may not have been the only relationship that ended due to this incident. His girlfriend (and mother of two of his children) took to Twitter for a message to the voyeur who filmed it:

“Have a bit of decency for the people it’s affected. Thank god my kids are too young to read. It’s disgusting. I bet their families are far from perfect.”

I’m the last one who’s qualified to throw judgement at this dude. Besides dogging his girlfriend, I kind of respect the post-game plow sesh. Are there any losers in this situation? Just a couple young, crazy kids knockin’ socks in a grimy dugout wouldn’t even make the Top 10 list of shameful things I’ve done. It’s also kind of ironic that a team named Clit-Heroe released a player for a sexual-related incident.

[H/T The Mirror]

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