Soccer Player Steals Ref’s Penalty Spray To Celebrate Annddd That’s A Yellow Card But Whatever

by 3 years ago

Today in Europa League action, for the “just average” to “completely meh” teams in European soccer, Sporting Portugal’s Teófilo Gutiérrez netted a pretty third goal for his team playing against Turkish side Besiktas. After scoring what ultimately gave his Sporting side a 3-1 victory, Gutiérrez sprinted over to the referee and snatched away the foam spray officials now use to designate penalty kick spots.

Clearly wanting to mark his goal territory, Teófilo Gutiérrez sprinted to the spot where he unleashed the strike and foamed it up just so everyone who already knew where he just scored from would know again. The situation was made a bit funnier by him fumbling with the canister, unable to get it to disperse properly.

Evidently the ref took a little offense to getting straight up robbed as part of the celebratory gesture, as Gutiérrez was promptly booked for the stunt. Who cares, though? Great celebration all around. Especially the “no, no ,no” look and finger wag at the ref as he ran off as if there was a chance the celebration wasn’t happening.

Yellow card? Well worth it‘.

[h/t The Sport Bible]

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