Snowboarder Gets Wrecked By Avalanche, Captures It All On GoPro

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Sorin Radu was in the Parâng Mountains in Romaniawhen he experienced every snowboarder’s worst nightmare, he was caught inside an avalanche with nowhere to go.

While he was out snowboarding Sorin Radu had attached a GoPro Hero3+ to his helmet, hoping to get some sweet footage of him cutting lines all across the mountains. Instead the footage Sorin Radu captured is some of the spookiest, most up close and personal footage ever captured from an avalanche.

From the moment the ice begins to splinter you can tell things are about to take a plunge for the worse, and they do. He appears as if he’s stuck in some sort of quicksand as the avalanche begins to form, before all hell breaks loose and he’s stuck inside the ice tumbling down the mountain. Again, all of this footage was captured on his GoPro Hero3+:

Let’s watch that ‘HOLY SHIT SNACKS’ footage once more in GIF, shall we?

And more footage from the avalanche showing the build up to the incident:

And last but not least, how we know he’s okay:

The Daily Mail reports:

Sorin Radu, a winter sports instructor from Bucharest, Romania, was on an off-piste area of the Parâng Mountains when the potentially fatal incident occurred.

Footage captured by a GoPro helmet camera shows the snow suddenly cracking up below Radu’s feet before an whole section of icy ground dramatically gives way.

After 20 seconds or so, he gradually reaches a standstill.
Shots taken after the avalanche show that he let go of his snowboard and backpack, maybe to reduce his weight.

Radu was snowboarding at an elevation of 2135 meters before he took a tumble.
It is not known if he sustained any long-lasting injuries.

However, a shot he took of himself after the accident shows him smiling at the camera, signaling ‘I’m OK.’

Tip of the hat to The Roosevelts for finding and sharing this video first!

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