Think You Had A Rough Day? Watch This Dude Get Attacked By A Reef Shark Then Haul Ass From A Giant Great White

Everyone has bad days. To you a bad day might mean that you spilled coffee on your khakis and/or white sneakers, that you slept through your alarm and got reamed out for it, or that you’re throwing up every 30 minutes from the most debilitating hangover in the history of mankind. What constitutes a ‘bad day’ is subjective, but we can all agree the spearfisherman who capture the footage you’ll see below had one terrible day in the water.

First he gets charged by a swift moving and very inquisitive grey reef shark, he’s forced to brush that shark aside so it doesn’t make direct contact with him. As this is happening the commotion in the water stirs up a much larger shark, a gigantic Great White. I guess this is all in a day’s work when you’re spearfishing the waters of Australia?

Below is a Twitter clip from 7 News Sydney that shows both shark encounters, but you can actually watch the video of the grey reef shark and great white encounters individually, and I suggest you do because the combined clip cuts out a bunch of the good stuff. First up, grey reef shark head butt:

Aaaand now for the great white shark encounter, because being charged by a grey reef shark isn’t enough action for one day:

The combined news clip:

If that was me I’d be pooping in my wetsuit…and I know what you’re thinking: Cass! It’s Summer in Australia, you don’t need a wetsuit! But as we saw earlier today there are tiny box jellyfish in Australia that will kill you in an instant. This footage of box jellyfish venom being injected into the heart of a toad is a complete hurricane of WTF.

[h/t GrindTV via DailyMail Australia]